Hosted Virtual Servers

Dynamic servers represent the next generation of server environment, replacing the conventional concept of the dedicated or managed server. We provide server resources that look and act just like a dedicated server but, because we utilise a Grid and virtualisation computing system, they are scalable on demand, ready to meet the needs of your business at any given moment. You control the amount of resources you use but without having to pay for hardware when it's not needed.

Changes to your dynamic servers can be made at any time without the pains associated with moving from one physical server to another. We firmly believe that our dynamic servers are the most efficient way to run your applications, taking advantage of the latest developments in server and software technology to give you affordable access to an on-demand computing model.

Key Benefits

Dynamic servers and the Grid computing model challenge traditional infrastructure deployment methods by allowing companies to take some or all of their infrastructure off-site and benefit from lower TCO, higher performance and full scalability. They offer greater reliability than dedicated servers, which typically have multiple single points of failure, and are often old, legacy hardware, or even PCs recycled and reconfigured to act as a server.