Cloud and Hosted Services

Today, small and medium sized businesses are experiencing need-to-market and cost suppression pressures like never before. Cloud Computing can be considered as a platform which is more than a collection of computer resources because it provides a mechanism to manage those resources. It promises the users anytime, anywhere access to their programs and data.

Cloud Migration Services

The process of Cloud Computing is easily scalable. This eliminates the need of expensive in-house equipment. The cost of owning and maintaining resources, such as servers, computing devices and networks can be a challenge to afford, especially for small or medium sized organisations. Amicom is fully equipped with the hardware and manages to host all services depending on the customers' requirements.

Apart from controlled Costs, enhanced flexibility and the ability to create new revenue streams that make cloud a choice for high performance, there are various other advantages that cannot be ignored.

  • Connect with your important data anytime, anywhere.
  • Open avenues to outgrowth new products and services.
  • Broaden global visibility minimum cost.
  • Easy and quick Scalability.

The concept of cloud computing and how virtualization enables it offers so many innovative opportunities that it is not surprising that there are new announcements every day.

You know that your cloud needs to meet business requirements today and in future as well. How do you ensure your requirements as best suitable to the cloud strategy your organisation has decided to adopt? The innovation will continue and there will be massive value created for customers over the coming years. Amicom's team of Cloud experts help you build a flexible cloud environment that meets business needs and sets fluent operations. Designed to deliver complete business services, we build and operate clouds strategies that are affordable and also maintain the tight controls necessary to manage a complex IT environment.